Modeled on Divine Proportion

Geodesic Domes are structures with an inherently satisfying form. Based on the intersection of three golden rectangles, they provide the most efficient use of material for the most internal space.


Want to Build Your Own Dome?

I have developed a simple and beautiful method for building geodesic domes, allowing someone of any skill level to create their own unique and magical space. 

Each plan comes with illustrated step-by-step instructions, tool and material list, and specifications. There are multiple designs to choose from. You have my support along the way, should you desire it! 

Golden Trillium offers locally produced, streamlined designs constructed on your site for less than what our competitors "Do it Yourself" kits cost. These domes are built to last decades with proper care, not to be thrown in the landfill after a few seasons.

All domes are built with framing grade douglas fir and finished with a UV deck stain or paint. The cover material is a very strong 9 mil woven greenhouse that is UV treated and anti-condensing on the interior. The base sits on pressure treated lumber to keep the dome strong for decades to come. 

Little to no site prep may be required. The domes can sit just fine on somewhat uneven ground. 

Feel free to contact Golden Trillium with any questions or curiosities. Custom sizes, finishes and applications can certainly be accomodated. 

Who is Golden Trillium?

Johnny Bayles is a designer, builder and dreamer from a family of makers. He has worked for years with several companies building performance custom homes in the Pacific Northwest, as well as multiple seasons as a field carpenter in Antarctica. After falling in love with Buckminister Fuller's illustrious philsophies and the integral nature of permaculture practices, Golden Trillium was created to challenge our notions of efficient and streamlined design. 


Olympia, WA

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